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About Mark Oliver
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Mark Oliver offering hydrology services

Mark became interested in hydrology when he worked at a Youth Conservation Corp (YCC) summer camp in western New Mexico while still in high school. That experience exposed him to hydrologists that introduced him to the interactions of hydrology, soils and vegetation. To pursue his interests, Mark studied geology at the University of New Mexico before transferring to Colorado State University where he graduated with a Watershed Sciences degree in 1981.

Mark began his professional career working as a summer technician for the Forest Service in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming performing channel stability evaluations and at the Fraser Experimental Forest near Fraser, Colorado performing detailed soil moisture and stream discharge measurements. He then worked full time for three full service surveying, planning and engineering firms where he gained valuable experience in hydrologic and hydraulic modeling, surveying, mapping and design for both wildland and urban projects.

Many associates encouraged Mark to create his own company so that he could pursue his passion of providing specialized surface water hydrology services. As a result, he formed Basin Hydrology in 1994. Basin Hydrology strives to provide high quality services  addressing all project stages to public and private clients, large and small.  Since Basin Hydrology is a small company with low overhead costs, it prides itself in providing professional services at a reasonable price.


  • Sediment Transport Modeling using HEC-RAS, American Society of Civil Engineers, 2012
  • FIRM Map Revisions, Urban Watersheds Research Institute, 2011
  • Proper Functioning Condition Training, USFS/BLM, 2011
  • River Restoration and Natural Channel Design, Wildland Hydrology/Dave Rosgen-, 2001
  • River Assessment and Monitoring, Wildland Hydrology/Dave Rosgen, 1996
  • River Morphology and Applications, Wildland Hydrology/Dave Rosgen, 1995
  • Jurisdictional Delineation of Wetlands, National Wetlands Science Training Coop., 1990
  • Rivers and Operational Hydrology, Luna Leopold, 1990
  • Stream Classification and Applications, Wildland Hydrology/Dave Rosgen, 1990
  • Water Surface Profiles Using HEC-2, University of California, Davis, 1990
  • Bachelor of Science Degree, Watershed Sciences, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, CO, 1981

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