basin hydrology of Durango projects

Welcome to Basin Hydrology

Basin Hydrology provides specialized surface water hydrology services with an emphasis on river mechanics, watershed processes and wetland restoration. Basin Hydrology was formed in 1994 by Mark Oliver, a surface water hydrologist, to provide a diverse client base with a variety of process-based hydrologic, hydraulic and restoration services. With over 29 years of professional hydrological experience in Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and other western states, Mark utilizes various technical disciplines to evaluate a project and provide cost-effective and implementable solutions.

Basin Hydrology can assist you with a variety of river, watershed or wetlands services. Examples of the types of services that Basin Hydrology provides are listed on our   services page.  The type of service(s) required for a project varies by its purpose and client. Give Mark a call to discuss your particular situation and objectives. He would be glad to provide you with ideas on how to approach your concerns and develop cost-effective solutions.